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Brick Painting Before and After

Transforming homes... brick by brick


Our customer recently purchased a charming home in Woodstock. The house, built in the early 1990's, featured a raw brick front exterior facade that had never been painted or treated. Standard siding surrounded the remainder of the home. While the raw brick added charm, the customer envisioned a more modern and vibrant appearance. They decided to convert the raw brick exterior into a primed and painted surface, aiming for a sleek, contemporary look.


  • Surface Preparation:

    • The raw brick exterior had accumulated dirt, grime, and moss over decades. Preparing the surface for painting would be crucial to ensure adhesion and longevity of the paint.

  • Moisture Issues:

    • Raw brick is porous and can retain moisture, which poses a risk of paint peeling and flaking if not properly addressed.

  • Weather Conditions:

    • The project was scheduled during the spring, a season known for unpredictable weather, including rain and fluctuating temperatures, which could impact the painting process.


  • Thorough Cleaning and Surface Preparation:

    • Power Washing: A professional-grade power washer was used to remove dirt, grime, and moss. This step was critical to ensure a clean surface for the primer and paint to adhere properly.

    • Crack and Gap Filling: Any cracks or gaps in the brick and mortar were filled with a high-quality masonry filler, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

  • Moisture Management:

    • Breathable Primer: A breathable masonry primer was chosen to apply first. This would allow any residual moisture within the brick to escape while sealing the brick providing a solid base for the topcoat.

  • Weather-Contingent Scheduling:

    • Flexible Timetable: The project schedule was designed with flexibility to accommodate weather changes. Painting was only done on dry days with moderate temperatures to ensure optimal drying and curing conditions.

    • Protective Coverings: Temporary protective coverings were used to shield areas from unexpected rain during the painting process.

  • Compliance with HOA Guidelines:

    • Color Selection: Our customer worked closely with their HOA committee to choose a color that met the guidelines while achieving their modern aesthetic. A subdued yet contemporary color palette was selected to complement the historic nature of the neighborhood.

    • Approval Process: Detailed plans and samples of the paint and primer were submitted to the HOA committee for approval before beginning the project.

Execution and Results

  • Preparation Phase: The surface preparation took about 2 days. Power washing revealed the true condition of the brick and siding. The windows and other surrounding surfaces were thoroughly masked for protection against overspray.

  • Priming and Painting: The priming phase was completed over 2 dry days, followed by the application of two coats of high-quality exterior paint. Each coat was allowed to dry thoroughly as per manufacturer recommendations.

  • Final Touches: After the main painting was completed, detailed work around windows, doors, siding, and trims was finished with precision.

The transformation was remarkable. The once aged and weathered exterior now boasted a sleek, modern look that enhanced the overall curb appeal of the home. The careful preparation and choice of materials ensured a durable finish that would withstand the elements and time.


Our customer's project to convert their raw brick home into a primed and painted masterpiece faced several challenges, from surface preparation to weather conditions and historical compliance. Through meticulous planning, careful selection of materials, and adherence to guidelines, the project was successfully completed, resulting in a visually appealing and long-lasting exterior. This case study exemplifies the importance of thorough preparation and flexibility in tackling exterior painting projects, especially when dealing with older, untreated surfaces.

Brick house before painting
Brick house during the painting process
Brick house after painting
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